The Role and Duties of a DPO

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The Role and Duties of a DPO

This course covers everything about how to be a DPO or Data protection officer. It is general knowledge that DPO ensures the protection of personal data within public or private companies. Hence most companies will want to put a professional in charge of personal data within an organization.

At the end of the training, the participant will be able to:
  • The situations that necessitate the appointment of a DPO.
  • DPO tasks necessitate the knowledge, qualifications, and traits listed below. 
  • The responsibilities of a DPO.
  • The tasks/responsibilities that could lead to a conflict of interest.
  • The DPO's relationship with senior management/the board of directors.
  • Employees' awareness of data security is being raised. Keeping in touch with data protection authorities.
  • When is it necessary to do a data protection impact assessment? 
  • The 'independence' of the DPO is a requirement. 
  • Why is it critical for the DPO to be accessible? 
  • The responsibility of the organization is to assist the DPO by providing the appropriate resources. 
  • Responsibility of the organization to include the DPO in crucial decisions.
People who should consider this course include
  • Information Systems (IS) departments, 
  • RSSI, 
  • Legal departments, 
  • Project managers, 
  • Human resources departments, 
  • Accounting managers, 
  • Marketing departments.

Beginner Level: No special knowledge.

Assessment methods:

The trainer evaluates the participant’s pedagogical progress throughout the training by employing MCQs, scenarios, and practical work.

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