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Data Protection Academy

Data Protection & Privacy Training

Data Protection Academy is proud to be an IAPP Official Training Partner. All our courses are taught by qualified data experts with commercial experience, providing delegates with the specialist training and tools to pass the CIPP/E CIPT, CIPM exams.

With Data Protection and Privacy laws being adopted across the world. Anybody interested in carving out a career in this field should consider taking Data protection training, the best privacy certification organizations are expecting candidates to have data protection/privacy certification. Candidate should consider getting any certifications offered by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). The CIPP/E, CIPT or CIPM

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Data Protection Academy

Everything you need to know about Data Protection / Privacy Training ( EU General Data Protection(GDPR) & ( Nigeria Data Protection Regulation (NDPR) Data is as essential as Data Protection. When information is not outrightly protected in the right way,

 it can either make or mar the person. Both employers and employees need the knowledge that It complies with the legal obligation of art. Data Protection is not limited to employers and employees of an organisation; anyone interested in Data protection/privacy can apply to acquire the knowledge. Ignorance of the processing of personal data can harm your growth as an individual and even in the organisation.

Expand your training and improve your employability by taking this distance learning course which can also be delivered physically based on your preference. Acquire the knowledge that will enable you to achieve the future you want with this training.

 In addition, these data protection courses train you in the necessary knowledge to have the skills required to comply with the regulations established in the Personal Data Protection Law and the development of the regulations. This course offers you the necessary knowledge for implementing, managing, or processing personal data.

our vision


Professionals can come for certification.  To produce the best DPOs that will provide whichever industry they find themselves in the best service

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We stand for the following:

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Promise to customers
  • Honesty

 We believe in the core values and ensure you get to learn to live by them.

Highly Tailored Courses

For the training, we start from the basics and take it one step at a time. Our courses offer you the necessary knowledge for the implementation, management, or processing of personal data


Our Mission

Internal or external data protection officer (DPD) within enterprises, public organisations, regulated professions, or external consultancy activities.

Provide personal data security in the context of the GDPR, identify new operational restrictions for professionals, and identify “business” projects to be performed in the short and medium-term

To create an avenue for you to claim full or part-time employment as a "data protection referent" within corporations, public organisations, or groups

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