Personal Data Breach Management.


Breach of personal data has never been more pervasive than it is now. On the one hand, some personal data breaches are quickly discovered; on the other hand, many organisations are unaware of a breach for days or even weeks after it occurs. However, prompt action must be taken when a breach is discovered or suspected.

At the end of the training, the participant will be able to:

  • A DPO can effectively avoid a personal data breach. When this happens, damages are incurred to the organisation’s brand and undermine the faith of its employees, customers, and suppliers.

 Course Outline:

  • The definition of a data breach involves personal information.
  • The procedures for responding to incidents.
  • How to Assess Data Subjects’ Risks Data Subjects and other relevant stakeholders will get messages.
  • What actions should be taken when alerting the supervisory authority.
  • Requirements for preserving records in the event of a data breach involving personal information assessing the effectiveness of the technological and organisational protections in place to avoid data leaks.
  • Responsibilities of the Data Controller and Data Processor in the event of a data breach.
  • Consequences of failing to report a personal data breach to a supervisory authority.
  • What does this mean for the entitlement to compensation?

 People who should consider this course include: 

  • Individuals from Information Systems (IS) departments.
  • Received Signal Strength Indicator workers,
  • Legal practitioners,
  • Project managers, 
  • Human resources professionals, 
  • Accounting managers, 
  • Marketing professionals.

 Assessment methods: The trainer evaluates the participant’s pedagogical progress throughout the training by employing multiple-choice questions (MCQ), scenarios, and practical work

 Client testimonials: Suppresses expectation!

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